• Ashton smith

    "Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice." - Queen Bey


    Ex-Special Olympic Gold Medalist Tri-Althlete, Motivational Speaker, Podcaster and Sports Brand Ambassador




    About Ashton Smith



    A Blind yet Visionary Sports Personality


    Despite her visual impairment, Ashton Smith is a pioneering sports visionary who has overcome adversity to triumph against all odds. She is an accomplished Blind Ex-special Olympic Gold medalist Tri-Athlete, motivational speaker, and a staunch Walk for Reform and Black Lives Matter Activist. Her unpleasant experiences in sports and battling obesity fuelled her desire to speak up against the exploitation of women in sports and raise awareness on the importance of adapting healthy lifestyle habits. She is a Christian who lends her voice in speaking against the ills in the society, to create a better world for all.


    Sheer determination, willpower and an unyielding spirit have been the hallmark of her successful sports career. As a highly trained and experienced Olympic Tri-Athlete living with a disability, she rose above the challenges to thrive in a competitive international sports arena. She adapted a highly specialized nutritional plan and a rigorous, specialized Olympic fitness training regime in various churches and Schools.


    Her commitment to excellence saw her garner multiple awards and medals due to her outstanding performance. The multi-talented sports personality has been featured in several media publication, including Radio Now 92.1, Houston who described her as a Special Olympics star with a heart of gold and the wisdom of an old owl.



    A glimpse into her early life 


    Ashton began swimming when she was only eight years old. Her mentors Jean and Steve, who were instrumental in her career choice, drove her daily to the YCMA in Waxahachie. In high school, she proceeded with her training sessions at the USA Swimming Camps and Texas A&M.


    After High School, Ashton joined a couple of Tarrant County's swimming teams and played different games such as Special Olympic flag ball and basketball. However, her relentless love for swimming could not be swayed. It led her to Seattle, where she went on to bag several medals.



    Standing with her Race and Gender 


    The Black Lives Matter movement greatly influenced Ashton’s advocacy. She was actively involved in condemning the killing of George Floyd and other atrocities against the black community. She is also an activist in the Walk for Reform protests, advocating for bringing down the walls of systematic racism and women abuse, especially in sports.



    A voice of hope


    Crowning her motivational speaking passion is her eloquence, the energy she exudes, and the conviction with which she conveys her message on burning societal issues. She teaches people how to conquer challenges, regardless of their circumstances. She is a firm believer that anyone can rise above the pain, naysayers, haters, abuse and disabilities to become the champion God created them to be! It takes focus, prayer, dedication and healthy lifestyle choices.

    Having risen above adversity, like a phoenix in the ash, Ashton Smith is an extraordinary woman on a remarkable mission: to make a positive difference in people’s lives!




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